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PASSION FOR VENGEANCE is a multiple Award Winning Gothic Romance. Awarded the coveted GOLDEN CROWN LITERARY SOCIETY AWARD for Historical Fiction in lesbian fiction in 2014, and also a recipient of the sought after IndieB.R.A.G. Medallion also in 2014!

It's been a long time since Jane Havens, Mistress of Havenswood, felt the joy and promise of by-gone days when her family home, Havenswood, was a thriving and powerful farming estate. Together with her elder brother Cole, who drowns his sorrow in alcohol, Jane does what she can to lead the fading estate through the hard times that fell upon the family after their father, a Union Army Colonel, died shortly after the Civil War.

Jane and Cole try to raise their little brother, Henry, a wild young boy with no direction, no manners and no one to marshal his considerable natural abilities into a productive, young gentleman. But when his new governess, Emma Stiles, arrives, the whole household goes into shock as Henry shapes up, Cole doubles down on the amount of drink he consumes to drown his failures, and Jane Havens falls madly in love with her little brother's governess. Then the trouble begins.

Accidents begin to happen to the residents of Havenswood--incidents that increase in seriousness and danger. Some within the household point fingers at Emma Stiles. Jane will not believe her new lover has anything to do with the terrifying accidents until a chance visit by a new doctor in town raises the specter that Emma Stiles may not be quite who she seems. As the reality of Emma's tortured soul descends upon Havenswood and Jane, it is clear that the demons of vengeance can only be saved by love and forgiveness. Or is it too late for forgiveness and too late for love?

Set in the tumultuous decade after the Civil War, PASSION FOR VENGEANCE is a Gothic Romance tale of betrayal, revenge, love and forgiveness.


England during the early 1820s was a hostile place for unmarried women without family or home. After losing upper class standing because of her father's gambling habit and scandalous suicide, Annalee Stewart believes her fortunes improved when she is hired as companion to the young but sickly and frail Lady Lenore Blackstone. Although the adjustment from being a member of the wealthy class to finding oneself suddenly in service to it promises to be difficult, Annalee has no choice but to accept where fate has thrown her. She did not expect, however, to be thrown into the dark and dangerous world of poisons and premeditated murder forcing her into protector status as well as companion.

Annalee's growing attraction to Lenore, and Lenore's unexpected positive response, puts them both in the treacherous path of Lenore's husband, the cold and pre-occupied Earl of Blackstone. Annalee has also captured the eye of the Earl’s sister, Victoria. Her bold flirtations serve to confuse Annalee’s heart.

Thrown into this tumultuous triangle of love, seduction, and deception, Annalee must sort through her real feelings and confounded passions. Faced with the potential demise of one lover whilst falling inexplicably toward the heart of another, her own life is threatened from within Blackstone Castle. In the deepest shadows of love and loss, Annalee must feel her way through the darkness; face her fears and trust that she will uncover the beacon she needs to find her path to true love.


CASTLE OF DARK SHADOWS and THE SECRET OF LIGHTHOUSE POINTE are both available in eBook and trade paperback online at and Barnes and Both are also available as Audio Books. Click on links below to purchase your copies!



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