Any author or indie publisher needs a PDF editor, right? And we all know the big name out there that everyone seems to take for granted. Sometimes, though, the big guy isn't the best.

Infix PDF Editor is simply the best in the business. It's unique set up is so similar to the Word processing program that Infix is also the easiest PDF editor to use. You'll feel at home right away. I've been using Infix to set up all my books and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The great part is that it's free to use until you realize how indispensable it really is and you won't be able to be without it. Once your free trial is expired, you will want to get the Infix PDF Editor for your own.

Don't take my word for it, though. If you're an indie author or a small publisher and are looking for an easy, care-free PDF editor, Infix is the only choice. Check them out for a free trial at the link below:

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