Why "Blanca Rosa?" What does it mean and why choose it for my new, re-born publishing imprint?

My mother was the most important thing in the world to me. I lost her on October 5th, 2010. Unexpectedly. To say that it turned my world upside down would be a travesty. I was in the middle of my very first attempt at a new genre. It was a struggle, but I finished my very first lesbian Gothic Historical Romance. I dedicated it to my mother.

In Spanish, the language of my ancestors, "blanca rosa" means "white rose." My mother's first name was Blanca (we all called her Blanche because that is the English translation). Her middle name was Rosa (or Rose). And she was as beautiful as a rose, inside and outside.

As an author, I immensely enjoyed writing Gothic Romances because I loved reading them way back in the 1960s and 1970s. I was captivated by the dark and brooding covers in subdued colors of dark mansions and castles and the lonely heroine standing or running away from the terrors that awaited there. But I wanted the heroine to fall in love with and be saved by another woman. I am encouraged to write more lesbian Gothic Historical Romances. I thought Blanca Rosa Publishing a fitting tribute to my mother and to the changes in my writing focus. You'll be seeing more Gothic Historical Romances as well as dark fiction.

The logo was an important decision in design. The sword/dagger draws attention to the "Gothic" of it all and the white rose.....well, it's obvious what that symbol means.

Welcome to Blanca Rosa Publishing, the new Patty G. Henderson fiction imprint.

Patty G. Henderson

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